Various products of Zipper&Slilder, providing product images and basic parameters with each Metal Zipper and Plastic Zipper; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Zipper&Slilder, and look forward to your cooperation!

Zipper&Slilder Description

Zipper including Metal Zipper, Plastic Zipper, Invisible Zipper, Waterproof Zipper etc.

By material

Nylon zipper, resin zipper , metal zipper.
1 Nylon Zipper: invisible zipper , mandrel zipper , adhesive waterproof zippers , not mandrel zipper, double bone zipper , knit zipper .
2 Resin Zipper: Gold ( silver ) tooth zipper, zipper transparent , translucent zipper, zipper livestock to light , bud shoot zipper, diamond zipper .
3 Metal Zipper: Zipper aluminum , copper zipper ( brass, copper-nickel alloy , bronze, copper , etc. ) , black nickel zipper.

By species

1 closed end zipper
2  left inserted
3 double closed end zipper
4 double open end zipper
5 unilateral open end