Woven Fabric

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Woven Fabric Description

Woven Fabric including Poplin Fabric, Corduroy Fabric, Taffeta Fabric, Oxford Fabric, Chiffon Fabric etc.

Woven Fabric : It is the warp and weft yarns in two directions perpendicular to each other by the interwoven fabric, yarn called the warp longitudinal and transverse weft yarn called.

Usually divided into woven and hand-weaving. Mechanisms are currently cloth, hand-woven rarely.
According to the different process is divided into: bleached fabric, dyed fabric, printed fabric, dyed fabric, etc. categories.

Bleached fabric
After rinsing the fabric after setting the finished cloth.
Dyeing cloth
After the first treatment will be semi-bleached fabric after dyeing, dyeing and vat dye is generally divided into, and then after finishing made of finished cloth.
After printing the fabric treatment, generally with hand prints and machine printed two categories.
Hand printing is often printed on the Taiwan edition;
Machine bearing: roller printing and screen printing, screen printing and flat screen printing was divided rotary screen printing. Then after finishing made of finished cloth.
With dyed yarns woven into the fabric. And for dyeing is generally divided into two kinds of methods:
Dyed yarn: that before spinning, give raw materials such as cotton dyed lust lust, or colored cotton into yarn, this process used for wool spinning and spinning of cotton, including yarns.
Woven fabrics
Dyed yarn: the blank yarn dyed color after rinsing. Then use colored yarn weaving, finishing, finished dyed called.