Various products of Lace, providing product images and basic parameters with each Batten Lace and Crochet Lace; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Lace, and look forward to your cooperation!

Lace Description

We have lace and lace fabric, which can be used for garment and home textile . According materail difference, we have below items:Chemical Lace,Cotton Lace,Embroidery Lace,Lace collar,Lace fabrics etc.

Suitable materials
Chemical synthetic fabrics, or blends containing synthetic fill, chemical film (containing 30% or more fiber), can be processed into the desired products, such as Nylon fabric, needlework fill, non-woven, T / R fabric, Polyester fill (Polyester fabric), multi-layer fabric, and a variety of bonding together lamination film paper table cover cloth 

can be applied.
Applicable Products
Lace clothes, bed covers, pillows cover, car cover, tent, packing tape, backpacks, travel belt, hand strap, curtains, raincoats, coats, snow suits, toys, gloves, table cloths, chair covers, quilt, masks, hair ornaments, jewelry, umbrellas, shade and so on.