Garment Accessories

Various products of Garment Accessories, providing product images and basic parameters with each Interlining and Bra Accessories; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Garment Accessories, and look forward to your cooperation!

Garment Accessories Description

Garment acceossories are mainly small parts which can be used for garment and packing.

Garment accessories in accordance with the role of clothing can be divided into different

1, in the material (cotton fiber lining, lining silk fabrics, viscose lining, acetate filament lining, synthetic filament lining)
2, lining (lining cotton, linen lining, hair bristles lining, horsetail lining, resin lining, interlining)
3, litter (chest pad, neck pads, shoulder pads, hip pads)
4, fillers (floc class packing, packing material)
5, sewing thread (cotton sewing thread, silk sewing thread, polyester sewing thread, cotton blended sewing thread, embroidery thread, metallic yarn, special sewing thread)
6, fastening material (buttons, zippers, other fastening material)
7, other materials (with a class of materials, decorative materials, labeling materials, packaging materials) fourth explanation: also our comprehensive understanding of garment accessories when consumers buy a new dress, in addition to all the things the rest of the fabric are known garment accessories, generally include: lining, lining, packing, gaskets, trademark class, belt type, sewing thread class, fastening material, packaging material categories.